What we offer

Expert in the installation and installation of all types of floor coverings thanks to a unique know-how for almost 30 years. As a family business, we are committed to respecting our customers through listening and professionalism.


Our work always begins with listening to our client's need. To do this, we move in order to have a complete view of what you expect from us.
A precise specification is established from the first appointments.


Following listening to your need, we realize, in accordance with the specifications, the modeling of your project.


The last step of our offer is the laying of the carpet or the coating required. Our passion and know-how in the installation of coating guarantees a result of very high quality.

Luxury carpeting

The carpets we use are made of high quality synthetic or wool.

The establishments with which we work trust us because our requirement meets their expectations. Collaborating with these boutiques, hotels, restaurants, apartments or offices is an honor to us, testifying to the quality of our achievements.


All our carpets, carpets or coatings are of course accorded to your initial decoration in order to have a perfect harmony within your establishment. Our team is ready to show you our collection of luxury products.